Touch-Up Tips

We regularly receive requests to provide touch-up paint to be used on scratches or gouges that have accumulated over time due to usage, climate, and or unintentional abuse on wood product. Unfortunately, due to heavy restrictions on shipping combustible materials, we are unable to send stain or touch-up materials. Here are two touch up tips on how to easily procure stain and materials to repair your product.

#1: Remove a molding or small wood piece from your product for color matching purposes. Most hardware stores and major retail stores have computerized scanners that will scan your wood piece to formulate the perfect matching stain. This helps to ensure a perfect match every time.

#2: Use a fill stick to fill major gouges. Fill sticks are similar to crayons and allow you to fill in voids with a matching color. Although your options will be limited in the color you can select, this is a better option that simply touching up the damaged area. The fill stick is quite malleable, making it a great solution for curves and contours. A nice trick for adding wood grain is to use a fine tip permanent marker on top of your fill stick to add wood grain character.