Public Spaces

Hallways, Lobbies, Waiting Areas

Sauder Courtroom Furniture understands that you may need comfortable seating for public spaces. Spaces including hallways and waiting areas. We offer stylish designs which are both easily cleaned and completely renewable. With Sauder Courtroom you can add attractive, enjoyable seating to common spaces, furniture that has the ability to match any aesthetic.

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Front View of Chill Chair with Wood Rail Legs


Adds an element of comfort with it Mid-Century modern styling. As well as two different foot styles to match your spaces.

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Front View of Latitude Chair


Latitude features a sleek metal frame with a long leg. As well as soft curves and crisp edges. Multiple options available to fit your needs.

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Mid-Back Modular Corner Chair with Square Metal Legs


Rally is a modular system offering multiple arm and leg styles. Chair, sofa, loveseat, and ottomans available.

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