Jury Seating

Jury Seating

Sauder Courtroom Furniture jury seating offers two auditorium seating lines, Clarity™ and Vista. Both seat and back options provide unparalleled comfort. But the difference happens below the seat, where the jury seat options include both a self-correcting swivel and non-swivel base. The quiet, self-correcting swivel action ensures the jury seat flawlessly returns to the front facing position.

Clarity and Vista seating have a variety of end panels available. Including small, medium, and also large panels. Aisle panels are available in both solid wood and upholstered versions. Swing-out ADA-compliant end panels are also available. They can be used at the end of any row end and have an easy release mechanism. We can personalize your end panel by applying or engraving a message or logo, or adding any custom design to that you provide.

Clarity and Vista jury and court seating arms come in stationary, flip-up, or armless styles. Flip-up arm and armless options allow easy exiting and are also ADA compliant. Adding a tablet arm is a great option when a writing surface is needed for jurors to take notes. Tablet arms fold to the side and store conveniently out of the way when not in needed.

Back panels are available with upholstered back, wood back, or poly back.

Jury Seating Accessories

Much like auditorium seats, jury seat accessories also attach directly to the seats. Allowing just what your jurors need to be within close reach. Seat identification, row identification, and aisle lighting are also available options.

*Accessories are available in various sizes and can accommodate your specific needs. Contact your local sales consultant for additional information.

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