Spotlight – Shawn Beal

Shawn Beal

Shawn’s career began with Sauder Courtroom Furniture 20 years ago. Based out of North Carolina, Shawn’s territory spans from Virginia to South Carolina. Shawn is best known for his commitment to servant leadership and willingness to help others. We are fortunate to have Shawn a part of our team as his work ethic and desire to serve others because they align with Sauder Courtroom Furniture’s purpose and core values. We had the pleasure of interviewing Shawn to learn more about him as a person and as a sales consultant. Learn more about Shawn and see what he had to share below.

Tell us a little about yourself

I am an avid golfer. When I am not working there is a good chance you can find me on the golf course. Though I don’t have a golf story or a time where I had a hole-in-one, without question, the real treasure was marrying my wife Rhonda 33 years ago. Together we have three children and one grandchild. I am a big fan of Appalachian State Football, “Go App State!” and I love to travel. Growing up in a military family, we had moved and traveled many times in my youth. Rota, Spain, was one of the most memorable places I have ventured to, where I had the opportunity to live there for 14 months.

Which product is your favorite and why?

My favorite product is our Auditorium and Jury seats (both Vista and Clarity). I appreciate the elegant simplicity of its design with minimal bolts and fasteners. The product is owner friendly, and by that, I mean little to no maintenance required. The seats and backs can be easily interchanged or replaced when making interior changes or repairs. 

What do you enjoy about your job as a Sales Consultant?

I enjoy many things about being a sales consultant and representing Sauder Courtroom furniture. Sauder makes high-quality hand-crafted furniture. It’s a product we take our time to make, and that kind of attention to detail goes into designing a courtroom. Whether municipal, federal, or state, it’s fulfilling to learn what our customers envision and bring it to reality. I enjoy helping people with their seating solutions because that’s the joy of being a sales consultant. I provide assistance as a sales consultant, not a sales rep. I don’t consider myself a sales rep as my efforts are not here to sell a product; but more so to educate and provide our customers with the information and knowledge to help them make a comfortable decision..   

A Memorable Project

In 2022, I received a call from an architect firm based out of West Virginia.  They were involved in a courthouse project in Concord, NC. Initially, this courthouse received a quote from a company to supply chairs for all the courtrooms; which was much higher than what they wanted to spend. I received the call and asked to provide a quote on our courtroom benches as the price of their chairs was far too much. Our courtroom benches were the perfect solution. We could fulfill their need for occupancy for each room, eliminate over 900 chairs the other company would have required, and saved them thousands. This installation consisted of 129 benches in beautiful cherry wood totaling over 2,100 linear feet.