Security Solutions for Courtroom Spaces

Ballistic Lined Furniture

At Sauder Courtroom Furniture®, we care about safety and take courtroom security as seriously as you do. That’s why we partner with Armortex, a leading provider of advanced ballistic security materials. With almost 90 years of experience building furniture, we know that addressing the specific goals of courtroom security while having the custom products you want is a winning combination.

We understand that courtroom spaces require robust security measures. Our ballistic-lined furniture options offer the ability to provide protection for a longer duration in an emergency. Sauder Courtroom Furniture security enhancements, such as bullet-resistant barriers in tables, podiums, benches, rails, or half walls, to meet the specified requirements without compromising on aesthetics. We can help offer peace of mind, ensuring that individuals within courtroom spaces are safeguarded throughout the proceedings.   

Tailoring Specs To Your Needs 

Sauder Courtroom understands the importance of seamlessly integrating security measures into courtroom spaces without compromising the architectural vision. Tailoring specs to specific needs and ensuring that every aspect of the design and the bid process is considered is something with which we regularly assist contractors and architects. We will work closely with general contractors and architects to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.                

When it comes to implementing defensive strategies, Sauder Courtroom Furniture takes Security to a new level. We proudly utilize ballistic materials that have gained the endorsement by the US Marshal Service. Combining our expertise with these trusted materials, delivers an higher level of protection improving on standard security measures. 

Sauder Courtroom Furniture’s commitment goes beyond providing quality and comfort. Our commitment to robust security, seamless integration, and unparalleled protection ensures that courtroom spaces are safeguarded and exquisitely designed, leaving individuals with a lasting sense of safety and peace within the walls of justice.