Sauder Courtroom® Finishes Ahead of the Curve

Sauder Courtroom® Finishes Ahead of the Curve

Sauder Courtroom Furniture® continues to lead by example, pushing the envelope to bring innovative ideas in form and function to today’s courtrooms. Since the early 1970s, Sauder Courtroom Furniture® has installed hundreds of federal, state, and municipal courtrooms across the country. Sauder Courtroom is dedicated to providing excellent customer service through every phase of the project from start to finish.

Sauder Courtroom Furniture® understands that innovation and adaptation are essential to succeed in today’s marketplace. In May 2018, Sauder Courtroom Furniture® introduced the use of the 2K polyurethane finish, an industry exclusive for wood furniture in the courtroom seating industry.

Why the Need for a Better Finish?

We identified a need for a stronger finish that could withstand harsh chemical compounds found in alcohol-based cleaners and disinfectants.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can do this to wood benches.

As in-person courtroom sessions resume after the Covid-19 pandemic, ramifications followed. When it comes to cleaning, many facilities use hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, rubbing alcohol, bleach, and isopropyl (all considered hazardous to wood finishes) to wipe down benches and wood furniture. Most facilities have the industry-standard varnish finish and as a result, these cleaners removed the standard finish and permanently damage courtroom furniture.

“In 2016 we recognized a need for a more durable finish. We identified the leading wood coating suppliers and spent 12 months developing testing and evaluation methods. After months of production trials, we were able to select the most durable finish.”

Mack Warner, Manufacturing Engineer

What is a 2K Polyurethane Finish?

Lancaster, Texas Courtroom benches with the 2K Polyurethane Finish.

Our 2K polyurethane finish (2KPU) is a 2-component finish system that is highly durable and chemically resistant. This finish applies directly to wood-surfaced furniture during the final stages of production.

The 2K polyurethane finish is a technological development and is more robust, longer-lasting. It provides a more durable finish capable of withstanding the harshest chemical cleaners and disinfectants.

The 2K polyurethane finish also is remarkably resistant to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. Purposeful and preventive is the finish’s mechanical strength to absorb abrasion. Our 2K polyurethane finish is excellent in protecting wood furniture against scuffs and scratches from everyday use.

How we found The Right Mix.

To evaluate the finish, Sauder Courtroom Furniture® created a test environment where each chemical (Bleach/Clorox, Isopropyl Alcohol/Equate, Peroxide/Oxycide, Quaternary Ammonium/Virexx II 256, Phenolic/Wexcide 128) was applied, rubbed in, and allowed to dry.

After completing this process over 36,000 times, this finish did not show any deterioration in gloss level, thickness, or flaking in cross-hatch adhesion testing.

Sustainability engineers have recognized the 2K polyurethane finish as a GREENGUARD Gold-certified product in environmental testing efforts for off-gas and chemical emissions. This certification means the 2K polyurethane finish is scientifically proven to have low chemical emissions.

Good air quality is essential and is considered safe for home and healthcare environments. Therefore, 2K polyurethane finish complies with the Indoor Air Quality standards (IAQ).

Sauder Courtroom Furniture is continually working to maintain and implement greener practices and methods of sustainability. Environmental | GREENGUARD | BIFMA | Sauder Worship Seating

Is the New Finish for Courtrooms Only?

The 2K polyurethane finish applies to Sauder Courtroom® wood products including those found in federal, state, and municipal courthouses as well as JAG facilities and justice centers. 

The finish is applied to chairs, benches, attorney tables, or any furniture found in a courthouse, or an education building, and places of worship. The 2K polyurethane finish is applicable in various markets under the Sauder Manufacturing® umbrella.

Setting the New Standard.

Sauder Courtroom Furniture® requires exceptional quality as the standard for our factory finish, and such specifications make the 2K polyurethane finish superior in appearance, performance, and consistency. This 2K polyurethane finish is distinctive to Sauder Courtroom Furniture® and Sauder Manufacturing®. For an advanced application with many benefits preserving and protecting the integrity, beauty, and longevity of wood furniture, it’s easy to see why Sauder Courtroom Furniture® continues to be ahead of the curve.


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